What is Forever Forest?

  • Forever Forest is a project aiming to plant 500,000 trees by 2017 at all Yokohama Rubber Group production facilities across the world for the company’s celebration of its 100th anniversary.
  • We are conducting this project under the guidance of Dr. Akira Miyawaki, Plant Ecologist and Emeritus Professor of Yokohama National University.
  • Starting in 2007, 416,000 plants until the end of February 2016  have been planted in Japan, Asia, America and Europe.

What are the purposes ?

Enhance Awareness of Participants
From growing sapling to planting, growing, all is done by Yokohama employees.

Create Forest that Protect us from Natural Disasters
We plant local trees especially with ever-green broad-leaves. They are hard to fall down and flame-retardant. They minimize damages from natural disaster such as typhoon, earthquake, and tsunami by being shelter for human being.

Prevent Global Warming
By planting  trees in every factory of Yokohama, the forests absorb CO2 and prevent global warming.

Conserve Biodiversity
Planting more than 50 kinds of local trees enhances biodiversity itself. It will provide habitat for birds and insects.

What is the specialty?

Miyawaki Method
We apply unique method under the guidance of  plant ecologist and professor Dr.Miyawaki.

We select only local species from the area of potential natural vegetation, and plant many kind of trees in mixture in one location just like natural forest. It usually takes around 100 years to become a from planting saplings, however Miyawaki Method makes it 10-20 years to make forest. By this method, maintenance for the trees such as weeding is not required so much from the third year.

Ever-green broad-leaved trees put down roots straight and deep, so it is unlikely to fall down and it eventually becomes natural forest protecting us from natural disaster like typhoon, earthquake, tsunami and fire. We plant around the edge of  factory so that will  help minimizing disaster in and outside  of the factory.

Nurse Sapling by Ourselves
We prepare soil condition and nurse saplings by ourselves. Starting with soil cultivation, collecting acorns, nursing sapling in the pots, all these are basically done by employees. Current ratio of  self-prepared saplings has reached 80%.

Plant Saplings by Employees & Communities
This project is proceeded by employees, their families, and local residents at every site around the world. It creates sense of  unity with the local community by planting saplings together. We also seek the understanding and cooperation with local government for the tree planting activities.