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Geolandar SUV

Geolandar SUV

Dynamic in Comfort and Silence

  • - - More silent and comfortable ride
  • - - High-speed handling performance
  • - - Fuel saving

Available Sizes
Inch Section % Size Load Index Speed Symbol
18 60 235/60R18 107 V
17 60 255/60R17 106 H
16 60 235/60R16 104 V
65 215/65R16 98 H
70 235/70R16 106 H
15 70 205/70R15 96 H
Fuel-efficient profile that minimizes uneven wear

The profile employed suppresses tyre distortion to provide even road contact area and reduce energy loss when driving. This helps minimize uneven wear.

High-rigidity profile enabling exceptional handling performance

Enhancing the strength of the sidewall rubber for tall SUV tyres and reinforcing the shoulder part of the tread has increased the stability of the road contact area of the tyre. The high rigidity enables superior handling and peace-of-mind at high speeds.


The use of a tread pattern with exceptional water drainage capability enables safe and secure driving on rainy days.